Unbound Writing Center 

#56 SunnyBrae Center, Arcata

Storefront: 11-5, Friday & Saturday

Workshops: click here 

What We Believe:

At the Unbound Writing Center, we celebrate writing as a transformative practice. We know that writing leads people to uncover their highest potential, biggest dreams, and most true self, and we want that for you.  

It is our mission to provide you with quality resources and inspiration to help you unleash your creative muse and find freedom of expression through writing.

Who It's For: 

We wholeheartedly believe that writing is for everyone! We want to hold space for you as you dive into writing's amazing benefits, and that's why we've created free, group, and private opportunities for you to explore your own muse through multiple capacities. 

We also specifically amplify, encourage, and uplift the community of writers in Humboldt County, California. Our landscape and the creativity here is lush, fertile, and communal.

Why We Do It: 

We recognize our responsibility and privilege to live with this space, not just on it, and by forming connections between the writerly worlds of our NorCal communities, we deepen respect for each other, learn to listen to the whispers of the land, and awaken an insatiable desire to elevate, encourage, and exemplify our own passages with expressive language.

The Unbound Writing Center is Northern California's headquarters for writing resources, workshops, and wonder. Welcome!  

Writing Unbound into Existence

Northern Californian writer, teacher, and visionary, Heather Quarles, founded the Unbound Writing Center after years of searching and yearning for a central hub of community-centered writing events. 

The Unbound Writing Center started as years of brainstorming through journal entries, then moved onto Instagram, and continues to write its way into the world with its new storefront and writing room in Arcata, California. 

Unbound is a dream in the making. We're so glad you're here! 


Heather Quarles

Founder of Unbound and lifelong writer,

reader, and wonder-seeker