Journal Prompts

Use these free instant downloads to find freedom of expression through writing as you cultivate a regular journaling practice. 


31 Journal Prompts for Welcoming the New Year

Journaling can empower you to set clear intentions and identify steps to help you follow through with them. Here are 31 prompts to get you started.


31 Journal Prompts for Inspiring and Celebrating Growth

Journaling is your buddy in celebrating big and small wins! Plus, it's always fun to have a record of them to read later. Use these 31 prompts to reflect on your incredible growth!


31 Journal Prompts for Release and Reflection

Journaling has the power to transform your life. Find patterns, release emotions, and unleash your creativity! Here are 31 prompts to get you started.


31 Journal Prompts for Igniting 
Playful Passion

Journaling is an intimate act of honesty and self-care. These 31 prompts will support you in your passions and help you have fun while you write! 

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