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Uplifting Local Humboldt County Creatives

Four of Unbound's Featured Writers are included here. Meet all of them and read more about their writing philosophies and practices in the complete Featured Writers Instagram Series.

This is an ongoing series dedicated uplifting and amplifying local voices. We are working on developing this portion of the website to include all featured writers and their works. 

If you are a local writer, please consider connecting with us through the Featured Writers Intake Questionnaire.

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Anne Fricke

Fiction, Poetry, Non-Fiction

"Writing is an essential tool on my journey as the parent to a child with special needs, and my virtual door is always open to parents and caregivers who would like to explore this further," Anne says.

Sarah Brooks

Poetry, Non-Fiction

"I find writing to be an important form of creative expression not only because it is a window into our shared experiences but because it also opens doors to the unfamiliar and creates a passage for compassion and understanding."

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Annette Makino

Poetry - Haiku

"The practice of writing haiku heightens my awareness of the world around me: the way the evening sun lights just the top of the redwoods, the scent of wood smoke on a fall day, the upward-spiraling song of a wood thrush. I become more present in the moment, which means I am living more fully. And it's even more gratifying when my words connect with others.”

David Holper


"Writing invigorates me," David says, "it energizes me. When I'm working, I find myself immersed in the creative process. Once I enter that state, time seems to evaporate! It doesn't wear me out to work in that space; it's revitalizing."

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