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Welcome! We're glad you're here.

Unbound's Teen Zine Team is a community of creative teens who have something to say, and use photography, poetry, prose, and passion to share it. We need every voice, especially yours.


Who are we? The Teen Zine Team is a group of Nor Cal creatives ages 13-18 who like to write, draw, take photos, and make collages!  

What's a Zine? It's a little booklet that you make and fill with original art and writing. Scroll to learn more. 

When do we meet? We meet every other Saturday at the Unbound Writing Center: #56 SunnyBrae Center, Arcata, CA. Send us an email if you're interested in joining, and we'll send you more info! Students ages 13-18 in the Humboldt County area are welcome; masking is required.

What do we when we meet? We cut and paste, write our thoughts down, and glue our creations into tiny, foldable zines! The Teen Zine Team offers young people in Humboldt a safe creative space to be themselves and find like-minded friends.  

What's our mission? (written by our current zine team)

  • to share our words with our community 

  • to have a safe space to create

  • to connect with other creatives

  • to make zines! 

  • to raise awareness about issues we care about 

  • to get people excited about things we love 

Donate via PayPal!

Donations help to offset printing costs, supplies, and general maintenance for the Teen Zine Team.


Zines are self-published creations made by anyone about any topic. 

Their intent is to share a message with the world through distribution, whether to one friend or a community of people.

Historically, zines have given voice to alternative, underrepresented, and marginalized groups.


Anything goes when making zines: collaging, drawing, poetry, photography, fiction, sharpie, lyrics, tutorials, glitter, paint, & fabric.

Use what you have, invent what you don't.

Zines can consist of a single sheet of paper, or over 100. 

Image by Thought Catalog

The UNBOUND Teen Zine Team meets regularly to support each others' artistic process and progress. 


We share, we inspire, and we choose the motif for the next month together.


If you like to write, draw, cut and paste, this is the place for you. Welcome. 

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